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Thu, Jul. 7th, 2005, 09:03 pm
We really attract the weirdos..

Today was awesome. Got a psycho to work.. he went, well, psycho. What would you expect him to do? So now we still don't have someone to do laundry at night. Plus, I'm really starting to think god hates me. I really do. Today started out just fine. I got enough sleep and wasn't super tired, we didn't have a ton of stuff to do.. got done around one thirty. It was a little amazing, actually. But then the freak they got to work nights shows up. He seemed fine at first, but then Angela made the mistake of shushing him. Bad move. He flipped out and yelled at her and went on and on about how she needs to respect her elders. This was right after this other guy who's working with him gets through telling us about how the new guy said he was fired from his last job at a nursing home because he refused to change this old guy's diaper and left him dirty all night.. while he played video games? WTF?!? How twisted is that? Plus, he does pot. Now he seems like someone I need to have respect for, eh? So he was fired, but I almost wish he hadn't been. I was looking forward to quitting. Ah well. Maybe the next guy. He needs to be psycho, but not enough to get fired. Just enough for me to feel I should quit because of him. Anyway.. not much else is going on. I hate working.. but everyone already knows that. Whatever.

p.s. Something in my room smells awful, but I have NO idea what it is.. besides the obvious. Its starting to piss me off.

Tue, Jun. 21st, 2005, 04:38 pm
ho hum..

Got a car. The red one. Getting the air fixed in it this weekend or so. I am now officially in debt and am looking forward to getting out of it sometime around mid-July. In other news, nothing is happening. I'm just being the big loser that I am and sitting in my room. Alone. I wish for death. And I wish for it to come quickly. Maredith, out.

Tue, Jun. 14th, 2005, 08:01 pm
A car?

My dad may have found me a car. He may have found me one before, but they decided not to sell. That one was a white something or other, this is a red something or other. That one had four doors, the air conditioning worked really well, and it had a cd player plus one of those, changer dealies. This one only has two doors, a cd player (but my dad hasn't tried it out, so he's not sure how well it works), air conditioning (that the guy says works great but that dad says wasn't working at all when he got in it so the guys going to get it looked at), but in most other ways is pretty nice. The white one was gonna be about three thousand, and the red one is two-fifty. I don't honestly care about the colour, but if the air conditioning doesn't work, there's no way I'd buy it for two-fifty. Heck naw. But it does have power windows and seats and so on.. the white one didn't. So that's coolio. They both had bucket seats, which I like. Well.. Whatever. I just want a car. I get paid tomorrow, and that should bump me up to about fourteen hundred. Got a ways to go.

Well, work's gotten better. This one chick that I hated quit. And there are some hot guys staying out in some of the rooms, so that gives me something to think about. Yep. I just hope I can stand to work till the end of July. I'm starting to think that I can't leave. I mean, I could.. but I can't. Plus, with Angela paying for half the gas and insurance, this is a good arrangement. If I worked anywhere else, I probably would work and drive alone. So I'd spend more of my paper monies on gas and such. I don't think I'm working here again, however. Windermere is just to freaked up for me. This fall, I'll probably just get a job working part-time somewheres. Maybe McDonald's, or something like that. Well, whatever.

Thu, Jun. 2nd, 2005, 02:33 pm
Work sucks ________________ 0..0

Only worked one night and three days so far and I already wanna quit. How sad is that? Its just so tiring.. plus I have a terrible cold. My whole head feels bad. I wanna go to bed now. Went to youth group last night, me and Ang. There's this guy there who is kind of annoying, but he likes her and she likes him. I don't know why they don't just go out. She's just too big of a flirt, I geuss. She flirts with every guy she comes into contact with. Most of the youth group are leaving for a missions trip on Sunday. Me and Ang have to work. Some of the kids who weren't going were going to meet at the church on Wednesday, as usual, but then go do something somewhere together. We probably won't go.. because we aren't really friends with any of the people there. Angela wants to go, because that guy that likes her is going. Like I care. She could walk. Lol. I'm so mean..

Yeah, we have to work tomorrow. We got off two days (Wed, & today). We get off two days every week. We'll get off the same two days next week. Not many of the cool peoples who worked last year are working this year. Kind of sucky, but I don't think even some cool peoples could save Windermere. Its horrible. But I did get 500 bucks on Tuesday (for what reason, I dunno). I really don't think they figured the amount right. But whatever. Its their mistake. I want to buy a car. I have enough now for a semi-decent one.. now, the problem is finding one. Grrrr! I geuss dad's looking, but he hasn't found anything that great year. V___V Well, I gtg. I'll update again next week, maybe. Or not.. whatever..

Sat, May. 21st, 2005, 09:28 pm
Been so long, my loves..

Well, this has been one boring couple of weeks so far. But I'll update on the few things that have happened. I've decided I really do hate everyone in the world.. also, Sarah has a boyfriend and he's got a hippy cousin and who has a hippy girlfriend. They've made me think I want to be a hippy. Anyway.. Sarah's working at mcdonalds for a few days before she goes back to school to get some extra cash. I geuss she'll come back and work some weekends this summer, too. She'll drive with a friend, or whatever. So anyway.. in a week I'll start working full time at Windermere. Holy hell, I don't wanna do it. As much as I hate being bored and sitting around the house, I really hate working a lot more. I really do. Of course, there's a REALLY HOT guy working at the gas station that I stop at to fill 'er up at when I'm headin' to work. So.. that's a major plus. Angela thinks he's ugly.. whatever. She likes pot-head Mexicans and fat little Brazillians. Shows what she knows. Eh, I don't think there's much else for me to say. Nope. If I think of something, I'll forget it in a few seconds.. so.. Yeah.. PEACE OUT, MY PLAYAZ!

Fri, Apr. 15th, 2005, 11:31 am
Kittens! And I have to go to work.. Poopy heads!!

Kittens! Our pervert cat, Henry, and his girlfriend had some kittens in our shed. Three to be exact. A boy, Rascal, a girl, Princess, and mine (she's black) Princess Bo Shiverus. Or just Bo. They're so cute. Mom says we have to give them away when they get older. Heh.. that's what SHE thinks.

I have to go to work at 1. I reeeeally don't wanna. I should be getting ready right now.. but I'm not. I have to get ready earlier because we're going on our daily two mile walk and then I'll only have a bit before I'll have to go. I'm talking to some guy about islam and stuff. He's weird. Something about an angel Gabriel coming to Muhammad and telling him stuff. Sounds like this 'Muhammad' was on crack. Heh.. Crack..

Anyway.. My site is stupid. I hate it. But that's just me.. Man I don't wanna go to work. Its SO boring. You just sit there for HOURS. Sometimes you get the privelege of folding sheets and towels.. then you run out. And you just SIT THERE some more. Its horrible. I really need to stop complaining though. When there are tons of bratty campers, its worse. Much much worse. They're rude and ask you for stuff all the time.

I think I'm going to go get ready. I'll have to put up my STUPID hair and put on my STUPID clothes. I hate them. The shirts are white and GAY as usual. I hate them. Whatever.. bye.

Sun, Apr. 10th, 2005, 09:59 pm
Aaah.. new car and kittyness! ^__^

April 10th, 2005
9:55 pm

Listening to :: nothing ^__^

Wow. I haven't updated in a long time. Lets see.. what alls happened. Not a whole heck of a lot. I'm going back to work at Windermere (aka Hell). I'm

working nights from 1:30 to 10. They suck. My little sister and I will start working full time near the middle of next month (May, for those of you who are

stupid). I'm almost looking forward to it, but not quite. It'll be better than working nights. I'll give it that.

Oh, also! Our not-so-aunt has agreed to sell me her car after she gets a new one. She's not quite sure how much she'd get for it in a trade-in however.

That's how much she'll sell it to me for, since she was going to trade it in in the first place. My dad thinks are a thousand dollars. Not bad at all.

Even two thousand wouldn't be too bad. I could afford it after this summer. I'm hoping maybe my van'll break down sometime soon so that she has to sell it

to me NOW. I could just pay payments or whatever.. over the summer. She knows I'm good for it. Lol. ^__^

The main reason I need a new car is that its already getting uberly hot outside, and the driver side window won't roll down. Its just stuck or whatever.

Broken.. somehow. My older sister drove it back to school to use it a few weeks ago and she says she tried to roll it down, but it just wouldn't work

anymore. It never worked real well. And if you ever could get the damn thing to roll down, it wouldn't roll back up again. Grrrg! My not-so-aunts current

car has air conditioning. Booyah!

Today we (my older sister was home for the weekend but went home this evening, my little sister, my little brother, and my mom) were out just a' cooking some

hot dogs. Man it took forever to get that campfire going. Stupid wind. I curse you and all of your desendants! And my father was up trying to fix the sun

visor in my van because it was really bright and my older sister would blind herself trying to drive back to school without a sun visor. So he goes down to

his shop to look for a screw, and he yells "I think we've got a problem!"

Of course, this makes everyone run down to see just what the problem could be. I'm the last, as usual. I blame my butt. They're all huddled around the

entrance to my father's shop. Some "Oooh!" and a lot of muttering made a poor indication of just what they were looking at. Finally, my older sister turns

around and she has this.. maybe two day old kitten in her hands. He's so small you just want to grab him and take him away forever. His eyes are still

closed and he's moving his head around slowly. My sister mutters about him being too cold, and my mom starts going off about Henry. Henry is our slut of a

cat who leaves for long periods of time and only comes back to get a little shut eye or eat. I knew he was going to go and get himself and some poor girl

into trouble.

Eventually my dad dug through the junk in his shop and discovered the mother (who hissed and acted like she would like nothing more than to rip off his head

and feed it to her demon offspring). He finally gets the kitten (who must've fallen or something) back to its mother. My little brother keeps whining about

wanting to see the kittens, but he'll be killed by me if he so much as thinks about going into the shop. So that's pretty much how today went. I can think

of some other things I could say, but its late.. and I'm tired. G'night.

Wed, Jan. 26th, 2005, 06:27 pm

Took my little sister to get her permit this afternoon. She didn't get it.. She got 6 wrong (the maximum being 5). She got upset. I reminded her that I got 10 wrong the first time I took it, and look at the great driver *I* am! I don't think that made her feel any better. Lol. I've been updating my stooped site more, now. I don't know why.. You ready for a rant? I said, are you ready for a rant! Yeah!

Okay, so there's this dude. You might have heard of him before. His name is Rion Vernon? Anyway, he draws pictures of girls in skimpy outfits and colours them and whatnot in photoshop. He's got a whole site full of his crap. Http://www.pinuptoons.com. Anyway, I used to really like his crap. But just recently, he started bitching and complaining about people using his 'art' for other things. Like lj icons and stuff, but mainly he's got this problem with dollers using his 'art' to make bases to make dolls with. OK.. I've got a question for him. I considered e-mailing my question for him, but new he wouldn't answer it. My question is this: is he actually visiting these sites that are using his 'art', and if not, why does it bother him that they're doing it? They're not hurting his 'sales' (I don't actually even know if he sells his shit or not). If he is visiting their sites, wow. He needs to get a life. Also, and this is something my mom pointed out, wouldn't he be happy that they're using his crap? I mean, most of them have a link back to his site (giving him full credit). So.. isn't that like, free advertising? ... ? Also, if I were him, I'd be kind of flattered that my work was so popular that everyone was using it. He seems really stuck up, to me..

I'm done with that. I've got some of those candy hearts that say things. I've got a pink one that says "you suck". OMFG!! That's it.. Stooped hearts. * Just took my little sister to youth group.. W/e. I gtg. Bye.

Tue, Jan. 18th, 2005, 03:54 pm

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Tue, Jan. 18th, 2005, 03:13 pm
Wow.. been awhile..

I haven't updated this friggin thing in FOREVER! I forgot about it when I got my stooped Xanga.. but xangas suck now. So maybe I'll start updating? There's just so many choices when it comes to online journals.. Not much's been goin' on. Not much at all.. I've just been chillin' dawg.

I turn seventeen in about (e.e) 39 days. Not too excited. But am I ever? I have no clean pants.. Wait! Yes I do.. I just washed some extra-specially so that I could wear them right now.. brb.. I'm back! I have on a new shirt, and new pants now! Clap for the wonder that is me!

Well, gee.. I can't think of anything to say. I'd say some private nasty nasty, but someone I know might read that. Isn't that just the luck? Wait.. omg.. someone ate my entire sandwich! I don't know how that happened.. I think I'm going to update my layout for this journal.. Byez!

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